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About Fem


Fem   was created out of the need to spread authentic and diverse image on social media. We are a platform for women to create a supportive and inclusive community promoting diversity, authenticity, talent and inspiration by sharing stories from women all across the world. We aim to expand the definition of “success” on social media, and promote appreciation for daily accomplishments, both professional or personal.


100+ women

Organized 7 virtual events

1000+ people through events

Our Projects

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Girls Code Fest

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I started Fem  with the intention of creating a diverse network of strong & confident young women, who will inspire and support others to define their own “success” - accomplish various goals, share their stories/reflections, promote authenticity. As an aspiring musical artist & entrepreneur, I spend much of my time working on social media, which have been the cause of some of my most serious personal struggles and doubts. As useful and entertaining as they are, social media like Instagram, highlight only the appealing aspects of one’s life, creating the distorted reality that even those aware of it become affected by. I noticed the impact it particularly has on young women, some of whom are unable to cope with the increasing pressures from social media concerning their appearance, lifestyle, goals or occupation. It’s so hard not to compare yourself to the “appealing” visual content that we’re flooded by everyday, and that we all get used to aspire to. The goal of this page is to introduce diversity into the definition of “success” promoted by social media. I asked my female friends from various cultures, ethnic, family, economic backgrounds, and industries to share their thoughts on their biggest accomplishments.


Our Team



Founder, Marketing & Design

Hi! My name is Klementyna and I’ll be graduating with BA in Liberal Arts / Music from King’s College London in May 2021. I’m passionate about women empowerment, music and entrepreneurship. Apart from Fem  , I am a singer-songwriter releasing original music under my artist name “Klemntyna” and also a co-founder of a music live-streaming and networking startup, LiveRoom. I love walking, singing & listening to music and have recently discovered talent for designing graphics :) I also went to NYU Tandon School of Engineering in my freshman year, where I met Karine and Zion!



Social Media Marketing & Community

Hi, my name is Zion and I’ll be graduating with my B.S. in Applied Psychology from NYU in May 2021! Although my background is in psychology, I’m really interested in all things social media marketing and digital media. Some of my other passions include a cappella, skincare blogging, and lifestyle writing. I love working on women founded and led teams, like Fem  , where I have the chance to collaborate with amazing women that continuously inspire me to reach for my professional and personal goals!




Business Development & Social Media Marketing

Hi! My name is Karine and I'll be graduating with the degree in Economics from NYU in May 2021! From math & music, to marketing & management, I love using my analytical mindset to help others. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by so many hardworking, talented women—in Fem   & beyond—who inspire me to be the best version of myself :)


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